Tieguanyin milk tea Protein (10入)
Tieguanyin milk tea Protein (10入)
Tieguanyin milk tea Protein (10入)
Tieguanyin milk tea Protein (10入)

Tieguanyin milk tea Protein (10入)

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*2023 Spring Harvest Limited S.C.LAB X JIN Teiguanyin Milk Tea

Because of S.C.LAB’s beautiful original purpose and deep attraction to the love of tea and tea alcohol,
We used their all organic 2023 spring harvest Tieguanyin tea leaves, hoping to bring the beautiful concept of congeniality to everyone who loves life and health.

・feature ・

Lactose intolerant friendly for most
Out of the three whey protein types, isolate is considered the leanest form, comprising over 90% protein content. In addition, all the protein content is easily digested and
quickly absorbed in the body after intake.
27g Whey protein
high quality protein
Meal replacement for fat loss
Low carbohydrate and fat, natural sugar substitute without burden.
diabetes friendly
Throughout research, stevia has demonstrated no effect on blood glucose or insulin response. This allows people with diabetes to eat wider varieties of food that include stevia sweeteners.
Promotes muscle growth
Rhodiola rosea promotes blood circulation and increases metabolic rate.

Exclusively Designed

Synergetic Formula


Tamil Nadu India
milk tea
The black tea leaves we use comes from the world's highest-altitude production area - Tamil Nadu, India. It is produced at an altitude of nearly 2,500 meters, giving the tea leaves a very unique aroma.
The tea leaves are picked freshly and sent directly to the factory every day. Our selected factory uses Japanese tea making methods, which creates not as bitter aftertaste.
The cocoa powder we selected are in line with major chocolate brands in the United States and Switzerland. Many of which are imported from the Netherlands.