JIN is defined as "person" in Japanese
The brand's philosophy and mission is to uphold the spirit of "humanity"
Only design and create products that are genuinely “good” for everyone
What makes us unique?

Jin Protein is the first protein with 100% natural ingredients and flavoring in the asia market, personally formulated by its founders with sports science nutrition background.

The current protein market is filled with fillers along with artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Jin protein keeps the ingredients simple and effective with no additional chemical additives. Aside from the natural ingredients and flavoring, Jin protein emcompasses a complete synergy of a dietary aid. A collective synergy that not only enhances the protein levels and efficiency, but also aids the psychological and digestive systems. Moreover, unlike numerous dietary aids, Jin protein consists of adequate dosages per ingredient for actual beneficial results in each serving.

The contents of JIN are simple and effective.
Transparent and open with backed up lab certification and origin of ingredients.
Therefore, everyone can better understand what they are putting into their body.

Jin 目標以透明化的成分和劑量為原則,依照最無負擔的理念改變營養品市場趨勢。我們將繼續推出創新的產品,依照不同生活型態的口味和便利性為主要考量,同時對營養品質量做最大的把關提供您品質最好的產品。我們的團隊堅信營養品除了可幫助補充人體每天基本需求以外,同時也會繼續教育大眾擁有健康平衡的生活方式的重要性。