Main Ingredients


Whey Protein Isolate: 

Out of the three whey protein types, isolate is considered the leanest form, comprising over 90% protein content. In addition, all the protein content is easily digested and quickly absorbed in the body after intake. We understand in the current society, lactose intolerance and low protein intake is a common theme for the mass. We want to make sure people are able to take our protein without any negative side effects as well as reaching their daily protein levels in the most convenient and healthy way.


Rhodiola is a type of plant used in traditional medicine. It is commonly used to help the body adapt to and resist physical and mental stress. Some of the common properties and benefits of rhodiola include the reduction of stress and fatigue. Moreover, it is also known to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Rhodiola is also proven to improve brain function and exercise performance. The unique biological properties of rhodiola promotes and optimizes health, therefore enhancing the quality of life.   

Steviol Glycoside (Stevia):

Stevia is a sweet tasting plant used as a healthful alternative to unhealthy sugar in food and beverages. The sweet tasting component in stevia occurs naturally. Stevia can be classified as “zero” calories because the calories per serving are so low. Throughout research, stevia has demonstrated no effect on blood glucose or insulin response. This allows people with diabetes to eat wider varieties of food that include stevia sweeteners. Also, for children, stevia is a great substitute for sugars in their food and beverages as it contains little to no calories. Moreover, stevia has also shown minimal effects on blood pressure and body weight along with numerous sterols and antioxidant compounds. Lastly, stevia has been well researched as a beneficial substitute sugar for people with allergies to certain sugar types.

Indigestible Maltodextrin: 

Indigestible maltodextrin is a type of dietary fiber. Fiber is a term describing a carbohydrate deriving from plant products. Compared to regular maltodextrin, indigestible maltodextrin has been proven more effective in terms of regulating blood sugar levels. More importantly, indigestible maltodextrin does not alter insulin levels, which is more beneficial for people with diabetic symptoms. Overall, this fiber agent is a good source for helping and maintaining intestinal regularity.