About Jin Brand:

Jin brand is inspired by a Japanese saying, “I exist as you exist”. An everlasting motto that originated from one of the renowned medicine and sports-health science school, Juntendo University. This motto embodies the concepts of humanity and benevolence. The founders of Jin brand strongly believe in extending unconditional love and care to everyone, and above all else to understand another person’s problem and realize the circumstances he or she is in and be considerate of all matters. We will strive to perpetually educate the mass on the importance of health and forget our selfish interests for the betterment of other peoples’ goals. 

Jin Mission:

Our mission is to create the most natural and transparent protein supplement to aid the human body, regardless of gender, age and occupation so customers can enjoy and pursue a healthy lifestyle 

Uniqueness of Jin Protein:

Creating a balanced and effective ergogenic aid is one of the most challenging tasks in supplementation. Through years of experience in the scientific field of supplements, Jin team is able to understand the importance of not only the synergy of the product itself, but the overall purpose of creating a long term aid for the mass to consume.

Jin Protein is the first protein with 100% natural ingredients and flavoring in the Asia market, personally formulated by its founders with sports science nutrition background. The current protein market is filled with fillers along with artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Jin protein keeps the ingredients simple and effective with no additional chemical additives. Aside from the natural ingredients and flavoring, Jin protein encompasses a complete synergy of a dietary aid. A collective synergy that not only enhances the protein levels and efficiency, but also aids the psychological and digestive systems. Moreover, unlike numerous dietary aids, Jin protein consists of adequate dosages per ingredient for actual beneficial results in each serving.